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英语学院英语专业期末考查报告 2013 -2014 学年第一学期
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Diet culture differences between north and south 南北方饮食文化差异

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Diet culture differences between north and south
China is bounded with the Yangtze river, the south north of the Yangtze river belong to the culture in the north, south of the Yangtze river belongs to the southern culture. The north-south diet differences. Because we have a lot of class students are from the south, so understanding of southerners had, both in life habits and diet culture differences, so try to understand these differences will be better and the south classmates to get along with, I think the concrete from the following several aspects to introduce the north-south differences, so more conducive to better learning in the future. The north and the south people living habits differences Southerners meters northerners eat noodles, because of the high rice yield southern moisture, dry north high yield of wheat. Southerners like to drink the northern people like drinking, because the north cold drink can keep out the cold. Southerners like cooking while northerners like big eat meat, because more abundant cuisine and the north south animal husbandry developed. 1, to eat. The north is given priority to with pasta, southerners is given priority to with rice. Northerners like stew, southerners like delicate dishes. 2, wear. The north winter cotton-padded clothes to wear, the four seasons clothes are different, so the girl's wardrobe full; Southerners are not, like Kunming and other places, the four seasons clothes don't have to change. 3, to live in. Northerners live, pay attention to keep warm the cold south focuses on a cool, ventilated. 4, line. Northerners with land is given priority to, more southern waterways are clear. The most obvious is the language is different, different mouth will speak, the so-called "talked different dialects", however, the southerners and northerners dialogue should is a kind of humor. Northern people speak two roll badly, jabber, southerners, hard to avoid can't hear, southerners z, useful, and speak, ch, c, s, sh is

also like elongated end, to the north to listen to, sometimes a word can recognize several layers of meaning. South eight dialect, families, flowers. Even if the same dialect, there are a variety of accents. In some remote place, or some town, across dozens of or over a mountain, is a kind of accent is normal. Northerners don't like the south fragmented there are eight major dialect, the north is a dialect, both the northern dialect. He cover vast territories, range is wide, tone is also nice,. Especially in Beijing mandarin dialect as a template, clear pronunciation and mellow voice, tender and gentle, than the south hundred language well. Southerners speak like a small magpie in call, cheerful ringing, language and colorful scene that shows the southern culture diversity and rich, also accord with the characteristics of the southern delicate dexterity. Northerners to speak softly, not slow, gentle tone, just listen to the comfort, even call names, like singing, it has to do with the northern culture macro thick deep, low gas, spoke naturally have lasting appeal. In eating, north and south both sides each hold different opinions. 1 ·southerners delicious rice, northerners delicious noodles. Before the northern rice supply is limited, to the north of south China and the most can't stand is to eat noodles, a bowl of adequate weight can never taste the flavor, southerners have always is famous for fine to eat, also created a delicate stomach. A large bowl of ordinary face, how to say all feel it like a mountain, I'm afraid I have to do several meal to eat. 2 the north also eat cold dishes, southerners are not accustomed to, don't think the health, eat not sick at MCE? Northerners just loving face, they think that eating rice luxury is not hungry, adequate weight, a surface to the top three meters, convenient northerners think cold dish eaten raw, and does not destroy nutrients. In general, the north diet, ruggedly adequate weight, while the south Seiko fine chisel, small and exquisite northern demand for food is not high, relative to lose to a good life in material from the south. From the point of food quantity, the southern most is small and exquisite. The north is more thick, rich vegetables all the year round, south in winter in the north is the most number of Chinese cabbage, or greenhouse vegetables, but relatively less. Especially in the countryside might be more big difference. Different from the soup, north and south: southerners drink soup is as a dish on

the table, is more of the hot weather drink soup in the summer,Guangzhou,drink soup before before eating, drinking, especially people in Guangzhou are notoriously fort soup. And the people of the north all year round to drink soup, but soup is after dinner drink, not as a general dish on the table, and mainly in the winter to drink soup, feel warm, warm. The north's bowl to drink, big stuttering vegetables, speak loudly. Southerners relatively fine. South meters north of the north and the south different eating habits. Southerners love rice, the north like pasta, it differs from the north and the south of the agricultural production structure. South China climate of high temperature and rainy, the cultivated land is given priority to with paddy field, so local farmers grow rice growth habit is fond of high temperature and rainy. And less precipitation in north China, the temperature is low, cultivated land for dry land, and more suitable for dry cold resistant wheat growth. The so-called "kind of what eat what", in the long term, then formed the eating habits in the north of the south rice. Southern students like to eat fish, but they still prefer seafood, seafood is good for health because it is over, northerners prefer to eat meat, seafood like no southerners, so love, so everybody's love in the seafood is not so strong. I think both the south and the north, and we also pay more attention to their health, life is good, so you better pursuit of the finer things in life. Analyses the differences in the south and the north, know after what to pay attention to, be aware that their preferences, it will be more conducive to good communication, as a northerner, learn to understand and tolerance of others, this will better cross-cultural.



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